About Us

Who we are?
Full service design studio GVM.

Why we are?
To advise, develop, create and support. To be next to our client.

What are we doing?
We see the diversity in each company's product. We highlight it and make it visible. No matter if it’s a financial fond or restaurant or sports centre, hotel, tasty bread, coffee etc.

When we started?
In 1996.

What is our merit?
An individual approach to every customer, professional employees, willingness to work in a way that we and our client would be satisfied with the accomplished project.

Do we feel the borders?
We are working with customers in Switzerland, Germany, France and Luxemburg. We also represent our clients in exhibitions worldwide. Some of our works even reached China.

What we do?
Any kind of desing. Business cardslogo, unified corporative identity. Web-pages. Flash presentations. Trade marks and corporative advertisements. Advertisement campaigns and presentations. Design for packing and labels. All kind of printing worksbrochures, booklets, yearbooks, restaurant menus and wine lists, envelopes, forms, posters, flyers, greeting cards, etc. Outdoor advertisments, (posters, bills, stands, signboards, light boxes, tents etc.). Photography. Advertisment in the press. Media projects, coordination, implementation, TV clips and radio advertising. Development of conceptual ideas (from draft to the complete product). Promotional items. Printing – for work wear, sports wear, T-shirts, caps etc. Shop windows and wehicle decal design and pasting. Exhibition stands, layouts and implementation. Visual  solution of restaurant summer terraces, processing of required documents and coordination with the Construction Board as well as with the district’s Executive Board.